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Focus T25 Diet Plan – Rice with Lentils and Roasted Red Peppers

We have shared dinner recipes from the Focus T25 Diet Plan, including the Chili-Spice Steak Salad, Tomato-Basil Salmon with Garbanzos and Tilapia with Kale and Tomato. Today, we are sharing another dinner recipe - Rice with Lentils and Roasted Red Peppers, which is another easy to make meal that you should include in your diet plan. Rice with LentilsRead more →

Focus T25 Nutrition Guide – Tilapia with Kale and Tomato

Here is another installment of Dinner Recipes from the Focus T25 Nutrition Guide. So far, we have shared recipes for Chili-Spice Steak Salad and Tomato-Basil Salmon with Garbanzos. Today, we are featuring the Tilapia with Kale and Tomato, which is another excellent easy to prepare dish that you should include in your meal plan as youRead more →

Focus T25 Nutrition Guide – Dijon Chicken Pocket

The Focus T25 Nutrition Guide provides a great array of recipes to help you eat right during the entire program. The meals are very easy to prepare and require 5 or less main ingredients, making grocery shopping for your meals a breeze. We have been sharing recipes from the nutrition guide and today, we areRead more →

Focus T25 Recipes – Salmon, Avocado and Tomato Salad

In our series on Focus T25 Recipes, here is another great, easy to make, and delicious lunch from the T25 Nutrition Guide. As you may be aware, the meal plan calls for 5 small meals a day. They’ve also made it easy for you to make these meals with a very easy to follow recipeRead more →

Focus T25 Recipes – Chili-Spice Steak Salad

It’s no secret that we like the Focus T25 Recipes, as described in our Focus T25 Nutrition Guide review. As you may know, the meal plan is simple – based on a premise of 5 small meals a day – each meal taking 5 minutes or less to make – and includes up to 5Read more →

Focus T25 Nutrition Guide

When compared to the Insanity Nutrition Plan, the Focus T25 Nutrition guide is very simple and easy to follow. That is not surprising because the entire T25 Workout Program is designed to attract people with busy lives who want to stay in shape, look great, eat right – without having to spend too much time doingRead more →